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Welcome To La Talent With teachers from across the globe, our mission is to support, encourage, nurture and produce world class performers while still maintaining a kid’s class environment that is fun, positive, and motivating. a a a a a a


Established over 35 years ago, LA Talent is
passionate about providing performing arts and dance classes
in Sydney for kids of all ages.



LA Talent is the premium place for children’s talent classes in Sydney. With teachers from across the globe, our mission is to support, encourage, nurture and produce world class performers while still maintaining a kid’s class environment that is fun, positive, and motivating.

Established over 35 years ago the LA Talent is passionate about providing classes for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Contact us today to find out more about our state of the art facilities in our air conditioned studios where all our kids dance classes are held. From ballet to hip-hop, tap to JFH and more, LA Talent does it all.

We also run a number of other fun and creative classes for kids to give them the skills to become a triple threat!

Enrol your child in a class today, and see them flourish on stage tomorrow!

It's a great studio with supportive teachers, many titles and classes for all ages.


Everyone is great there especially Liliana, teaches great Choreography. My three daughters loved it there for years! Highly recommended.

Hanco Phung

Great atmosphere. Owner Liliana is always happy to see you and makes you feel so welcome. The teachers are wonderful, they all are very supportive and enjoy what they do. And it shows by how happy all their dancers are. Dance for competition or just for fun. Highly recommended.

L Coxy

My grand daughter started here last year at the age of three. My husband and i went to watch her on her second lesson and she was loving it. I was amazed at the patience and skill of the dance teacher who not only controlled a class of excitable young children but also had them dancing in sequence and were actually listening to her instructions. Well done.

Elaine Crewe

Kids Performing Arts & Dance School In Sydney

LA Talent offers performing arts and dance classes for kids in Sydney. Performing arts refers to the style of art that is performed in front of an audience, and includes singing, acting and dancing. Whilst performers often focus on one, it is not uncommon for performers to practice all of them, known as the triple threat.

Dancing is the use of the body and movement to express a thought, feeling or idea. Dancing has a long-standing history in art and culture, and is celebrated in many cultures. At LA Talent, we offer dance classes for a variety of styles, including acrobatics, hip hop and ballet.

Acting refers to the showcasing of a character and story through the use of visual and theatrical elements on stage. Actors perform on stage, in movies and in less conventional roles such as in theme parks. Acting is an art form that requires dedication and commitment. It is highly confidence boosting and is a good choice for children with larger than life personalities who are looking to explore their creativity.

Singing is the activity of performing songs in front of an audience. Talent and training is needed to help a singer grow. We offer comprehensive singing classes for our performers.


Is Performing Arts Right For Your Child?

Kids gain confidence, resilience, and self-expression through performing arts (whether in a formal setting or not). Children can break down barriers to reality through dramatic play, regardless of the medium they use. When you enrol your child in performing arts classes, you can encourage their natural curiosity and give them the skills that will enhance their schooling and larger lives.

The performing arts teach life-long skills that will help your child well into adulthood. Discipline, resilience and confidence are all fostered through the creative arts. Our classes are focused on building confidence and self-esteem within our young performers, allowing them to shine on stage in the future.

Education is shifting to foster 21st-century skills such as flexibility, confidence and critical thinking. Performing arts classes foster all of these skills. Each of our performers learn to be flexible, critical thinkers through our improvisation activities and fun-filled classes. The performing arts truly teaches the skills needed to become successful lifelong learners.

Our performing art classes are fun, challenging and will help your child to grow. To find out more about our offerings, contact us today.


What Kids Performing Arts & Dance Classes Do We Offer?

At LA Talent, we offer a variety of performing arts and dance classes in Sydney. We offer:

Kids Dance Classes – We offer many styles of dance classes that are taught by industry professionals with a plethora of performance expertise. With a genuine passion for teaching dance, we have the perfect fit for your child. To find out more about our dance classes and offerings, please click here.

Kids Singing Classes – We teach correct breathing technique, scales, pitch, and voice projection in our singing classes. Through a variety of musical genres, including contemporary pop and musical theatre, students can build a repertoire of songs. Students will learn pitch, singing technique, and how to use microphones with confidence in classes.

Kids Acting Classes – Through speech, movement, performance, and more, children will be able to explore their creative potential. Teachers love teaching creative kids because they unlock the world of their imaginations and creativity. Kids acting classes help them accomplish this by encouraging creative risk taking, building confidence, and supporting their learning journey in a way that suits them.

Kids Hip Hop Classes – Empowering, strong and all about hitting the beat, hip hop is an energetic style of dance that will get the heart racing. We teach the three basic aspects of hip hop; popping, locking and breaking. Your child will love throwing power behind every move and will enjoy the fast-paced, upbeat nature of this dance style. This is perfect for dancers looking to do something a little bit different, or who want lots of improvisation and freestyle opportunities in a fun environment.

Kids Acrobatics Classes – Combines the five elements of Acro Dance and allows your child to develop practical skills and techniques. They will learn how to tumble, spin and flip. This class also teaches valuable strength and conditioning and flexibility, which can aid them in many of their performing art pursuits.

Kids Ballet Classes – A traditional style of dance that is highly technical and graceful. Ballet teaches the basics of dance, timing and rhythm and is a disciplined style of dance. Dancers get a sense of achievement from learning new skills and the correct technique. This style of dance is perfect for beginners who want to learn the more technical side of dancing.

Kids Contemporary Dance Classes – Graceful and fun, this style of dance is more free-flowing than ballet. Often performed in bare feet, it is all about floor work and using gravity to create flowing movement. Contemporary is a modern style of dance that can utilise many different styles of music. It is a great choice for young performers who want to less structure than traditional ballet.

Kids Jazz Classes – Modern dance that is fun and energetic. This type of dance gets the blood pumping. It follows the popular songs and dance trends of the time. In this class, we will explore some old time favourites from the 50s-80s as well as modern music. This class is a lot of fun, and is perfect for dancers looking to burn some energy and have some fun.

Kids Musical Theatre ClassesCombining all three aspects of the performing arts, musical theatre is all about performing musicals for an audience. Musical theatre classes provide the perfect playground for building all three skills of the triple threat. It is also the perfect option if your child is unsure of what area of performing arts they are interested in pursuing.

Kids Tap Dancing Classes Our loudest class where your feet becomes the instrument. Tap is all about doing footwork to the rhythm of the beat. This class teaches balance, coordination and is a great leg workout. It has a lot of improvisation in it – a perfect choice for young creatives.

It doesn’t matter how much experience your child has. It also doesn’t matter if they want to dance for fun or if they are looking to compete or have a future in dance. No matter what your child’s needs are, we have a class for them. Our teachers are genuinely passionate about what they do, and your child will love coming to class every single week.

All of our classes are payable weekly as required.


Kids Dance School

Why Choose LA Talent?

LA Talent have engaged, inspired and educated tens of thousands of dancers worldwide, helping them realise their dance dreams. Students often go on to become leading performers in major stage productions, dance companies, and theatre companies. Founded in 1971 by acclaimed dancer Liliana Maddams, LA Talent has spent years fostering creativity and inspiring children to pursue dance.

The Queensland Ballet Company was where Liliana Maddams began her dance career as a teenager. In addition to her dance qualifications, which included many examinations with honours from the British Ballet Organisation, Royal Academy of Dance, and Society of Australian Teachers of Dance in Ballet, Tap and Jazz, she used her experience as a celebrated dance teacher to inspire thousands of students over 25 years. Although Liliana no longer teaches dance, she oversees LA Talent. We bring together world-class, passionate performing arts teachers and allow them the creative freedom to inspire your kids.

Our performing arts classes are taught by industry professionals who have a genuine love for seeing young performers grow. Your child will love attending our fun-filled classes and will learn lifelong skills that will help them throughout their lives. We offer some of the best training in the industry. It doesn’t matter if your child wants to perform for fun or for a career choice, LA Talent will help them get there.


Contact Us

Is your child interested in Performing Arts? Great! We are located at:

Unit D10 27-29 Fariola Street,
Silverwater NSW 2128

For more information, you can contact our friendly staff below:

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Classes are payable weekly.